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9 Toys Your Kids Will Love That Will Make You Nostalgic for Your Childhood


Shopping for toys with your kids (or for your nieces and nephews) can be overwhelming sometimes, because there are all these new gadgets and TV shows and movie characters you just don’t identify with. This may make you nostalgic for all the toys you played with when you were a kid (troll dolls, anyone?).

But really, there’s plenty of toys that you grew up with that are still around–and you can easily take a stroll down memory lane with your kids with the click of a button. Here are some of my favorite retro toys (like the 1959 Barbie, I admit):

1. Tin Kaleidoscope, $8


2. Etch A Sketch, $7

etch a sketch

3. Blow Up Balloons, $5


4. Tamagatchi, $12


5. Troll Dolls, $16

troll dolls

6. Original 1959 Barbie, $25


7. Raggedy Ann, $16


8. Kirby’s Dreamland Triple Deluxe, $42


9. Mario Kart 8, $53

mario kart

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