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A Letter to Our Readers–We Need Your Help

Dear Readers,

As Kveller approaches our second birthday, we’ve got a lot to be thankful for, and most of it has to do with you.

Thanks to your support, Kveller traffic has tripled over the past year. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to reach out and connect with moms, dads and even grandparents all over the world. And watching our little community grow makes us feel very warm and fuzzy inside. But with that increase in traffic comes an increase in cost–from servers to staff time to the ability to provide more fresh and relevant content.

As part of a non-profit organization, Kveller is dependent on donations and foundation grants for 85% of its budget, which is becoming harder and harder to sustain. That is why, over the coming holiday season, we will be asking for your support.

We’ve recently entered partnerships with Amazon.com, Care.com, and Modern Tribe. Every time we link to a book on our site, we provide a unique link to Amazon. If you purchase that book or any additional item through that link, Kveller receives a portion of the profit, so please keep that in mind when perusing those online shelves.

Care.com, which helps you find babysitters, nannies and elderly care, soon will have ads on Kveller and we’ll be featuring awesome Judaica from ModernTribe.com. Every product you purchase through a link on our site will also benefit Kveller.

Soon, you’ll also be receiving letters from Kveller and our writers asking for your donations and support in order to help this Kveller train running smoothly.

We’re so excited to see Kveller grow into the active and strong community we’ve always wanted, and we hope you’re feeling the same way, too. We couldn’t be here without your readership and support, and for that, we owe you a big fat thank you.

The Kveller Team

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