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A Transgender Jewish Man Gave Birth. This Is Why He Went Public

Recently, JTA featured Rafi Daugherty about his life as a single dad. Daugherty’s story is so unique, because he gave birth to his daughter Ettie after transitioning to a man. Unfortunately, Daugherty recently became aware of a podcast where two Jewish women misgendered him purposefully and mocked him publicly.

Because of this, Daugherty opened up on JTA about why he chose to be visible. It’s an important read for all:

“When I first came out as transgender and was figuring out what name I wanted to be called for the rest of my life, I thought about changing my last name to my mother’s very traditional Jewish maiden name. I thought it might be easier to blend in if I wanted to be a part of a traditional or Orthodox Jewish community. I would be forced to make up tales about where I went to high school, where I studied in Israel and who my friends were — but maybe, I thought, just maybe it would be worth it in order to blend in and just be a normal guy.”

Read the rest of the article here.

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