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Americans with Disabilities Are Protesting Today’s ACA Vote

Now that it’s official that the Senate voted to go forward with the Obamacare repeal, there are going to be a lot of protests. Like, a lot. Just today, Mic reported that hundreds of protesters with ADAPT, an organization that fights for Americans with disabilities, protested at the lobby of one of the Senate office buildings.

If the Senate proceeds to the repeal vote, the organizations’ protesters said they will occupy the Hart building until “police arrest [them], one-by-one.” ADAPT spokesman Adam Prizio said:

“At 2 p.m., a few hundred of us will be holding a vigil in the Hart Senate Office Building pending outcome of the motion to proceed. If the vote passes, ADAPT will be very disappointed. America has seen what that looks like.”

In the press release for the protest, ADAPT explained just how bad Medicaid cuts could affect people with disabilities:

“The [bill] caps and significantly cuts Medicaid, which will greatly reduce access to medical care … for elderly and disabled Americans who will either die or be forced into institutions. Our lives and liberty shouldn’t be stolen to give a tax break to the wealthy.”

Hopefully, the Senate will not go any further–although it’s hard not to take today’s vote as a frightening omen. Regardless of whether or not you have a special need, you probably know someone that does, or suffers from an illness–let’s take today’s actions as a reminder that we all need to stick together and continue fighting for our health and our rights.

Please call your senator, it’s important and it’ll only take a few minutes. You can also use Resist Bot to help you write a message or text.

Here is a chilling video from a previous protest:

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