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Amy Schumer Is Honestly Completely Right to Be Outraged About This

Earlier this month, we wrote about how the magazinesGirls’ Life and Boys’ Life, have clear double standards when it comes to how they market and entice boys and girls. Shoshanna Keats-Jaskoll, a Jewish mom living in Israel, recently shared a photo of two magazine covers side-by-side–Girls’ Life and Boys’ Life

Well, she isn’t the only one anymore. The covers made their way to Jewish actress Amy Schumer–and she’s not at all pleased. This week, Schumer Instagrammed the same photo with the caption: “No.”


A photo posted by @amyschumer on

Obviously, I can’t blame her. Just taking a quick glance at both covers, it’s obvious the girls version is centered around physical appearance, as opposed to ambitions and hobbies like the boy version: “Your dream hair,” “Wake up pretty,” “100+ ways to SLAY on the first day,” “The new denim checklist” and “How to have fun, make friends and get all A’s.”

The publisher and founding editor of Girls’ Life, Karen Bokran, defended the choice, however. She stated Refinery29: 

“Are we more than lip gloss and clothes? Of course. It’s OK to like lip gloss or be interested in fashion… I don’t know how [the problem] became either you like lip gloss and clothes or you like being an astronaut.”

In theory, I agree with Bokran, but that’s not what the magazine’s cover tells me. It mostly just shouts that girls only care about the superficial–and are obsessed with how they appear to others–and if they aren’t, they should be. It’s important to note that Girls’ Life and Boys’ Life are not affiliated with one another–although that doesn’t make the discrepancy any less offensive or wrong.

If only magazine editors, like Bokran, really took note of the fact that it’s actually sexist to create such ridiculous double standards. And honestly, it’s just boring.

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