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Amy Schumer Takes Down Comedian for His Deplorable Comments on Rape

Amy Schumer has had a lot on her mind lately–especially when it concerns rape and sexual assault. Besides just having her book of essays “The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo” released, which centers around painful memories from her past, Schumer has spoken out against Kurt Metzger, a comedy writer who has made insensitive comments about sexual assault. In the past, Schumer has worked with Metzger on her show “Inside Amy Schumer.”

So, what exactly did Metzger say? On Twitter and Facebook, he’s been making comments scolding women who are raped but don’t go to the police. For instance, on Monday he wrote on Facebook:

“Don’t f—ing complain about the police not helping if you didn’t bother going to the police at all. ‘Why aren’t the rape kits being tested??’ Because instead of actually educating women with useful information on what to do if they are being victimized, you blather nonsense about ‘culture’ and then tell them being weak is being strong.”

Clearly, his comments were completely inappropriate–not to mention wrong and misinformed. Because of this, Schumer went to Twitter to voice her opinion:

It doesn’t stop there, sadly. Metzger later responded to an article posted on Medium titled “Kurt Metzger Needs to Shut Up” with tweets:

“I could not be prouder of this article trying to smear me for being right…

Having this written about me is better than receiving a f—ing emmy.”

After those tweets went up, he talked about a comedian who had allegedly been banned from performing at the Upright Citizens Brigade theaters as a result of rape allegations being made by several women. In the tweet, he said:

“Im supposed to just fucking say “guilty” without even a detail of what supposedly happened? Or what, Goddess will be angry? F*ck u”

He then followed that up with this (among too many others):

It’s especially poor timing since Schumer revealed she’s a victim of sexual assault herself in new memoir. As a survivor of assault myself, I find his comments to, and about, women deplorable and unacceptable. I’m glad Schumer called him out publicly, because it’s not OK to just ignore his comments as a way to “keep the peace.”

We need to stand up for what we believe is right, because what else can we do? And what kind of example would we be setting for kids and teens if we don’t?

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