Are BAPs The New JAPs? – Kveller
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Are BAPs The New JAPs?



What’s a BAP, you ask? It sounds an awful lot like an unflattering term used to describe wealthy American Jewish women. The connotation is not good: spoiled, vapid, materialistic.

In a similar vein as Bravo’s god-awful “Princesses: Long Island”–which was thankfully cancelled after one season–Lifetime’s “BAPs” hopes to appropriate the age-old slur and apply it to affluent “Black American Princes and Princesses” from St. Louis as they go about their social lives.

Just as the insufferable Jewish princesses of Long Island tried take back the JAP label as a badge of pride, the “BAPs” of St. Louis think the term princess is a compliment and miss no opportunities to snub their less affluent counterparts. As with other reality shows that crudely exploit ethnic stereotypes, “BAPs” has already drawn serious criticism in the Twittersphere.

Maybe this latest show will make people rethink the whole JAP thing. I mean, do we really need that many offensive terms for Jews in our lexicon?

Here’s Donald Silverman (Sarah Silverman’s lovable dad) explaining that JAP is just another word for selfish asshole, and you don’t actually need to be a Jew to hold the JAP card:

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