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Kveller’s gotten in touch with all sorts of Jewish celebs to get their parenting dish. Sleep training? Disposable or cloth diapers? Jewish nursery school? Now we know–and you can too.

Top 20 Most Stylish Jewish Mommies in History

Though Jewish mothers often get a bad rap, these mamas are so stylin’ they make everyone want to be a Jewish mom.

The Kid-Dish

Your weekly gossip scoop following all the Jewish celebrity parents and their kids.

Sam Apple

The writer of American Parent dishes on the most horrific bris moments and parenting crazes.

Shalom Auslander

The ex-Orthodox author of Foreskin’s Lament reveals just how keen he is on the Jewish traditions he grew up with.

Mayim Bialik

The star of the 90’s sitcom, Blossom, blogs about pumping on the set of her new show, The Big Bang Theory.

Claude Brodesser-Akner

The journalist grew up Roman-Catholic, but converted to Judaism to marry a Jewish woman, resulting in a bris at age 33.

Myla Goldberg

The Brooklyn-based writer talks about how to foster empathy in a 3-year-old and the high price of glittery sneakers.

Ben Greenman

The New Yorker editor exposes the true benefits of Hebrew School–it’s the perfect thing to rebel against.

A.J. Jacobs

The author of life-experiment books dishes on the downfalls of not speaking Hebrew and why you should lie to your kids.

Rob Kutner

The writer for The Daily Show discusses the price you pay for a Jewish education and why Stephen Colbert would make a great Jewish dad.

Lisa Loeb

The platinum-selling musician shares what songs she likes to sing with her daughter, why summer camp is the thing to do, and how you can have fun being a four-eyes

Amy Sohn

The Brooklyn-based author discusses what’s great (and not so great) about being a parent in Park Slope.

Rebecca Walker

The writer of Black, White & Jewish discusses being biracial, interfaith, and selling a Bugaboo stroller on eBay.


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