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Fruit Mandala

Tu Bishvat is all about appreciating trees, and one of their most wonderful gifts to give people is fruit. This fun project is not only a craft, but also something to eat. It can be a beautiful centerpiece for a special meal that then becomes the dessert that everyone shares.

You’ll need:

– Cut up fruit, ideally in different colors. We recommend oranges, grapes, strawberries, bananas, mangoes, pineapple, pomegranate, and kiwi.
– A plate to arrange it on
– Something sticky to help the fruit stay in place: honey, frosting, peanut butter, or chocolate syrup work well.

Simply dip the fruit into your something sticky, and arrange it on the plate. You can do a random design, a Jewish star, concentric circles, a tree: whatever you and your child want to do. It is sometimes easiest to create the border first, then fill in the center—especially when working with your child.

Another option is for the adult to draw a design on a piece of paper, cover it with saran wrap, and place it on the bottom of the plate. Then your child can try to match the design with the fruit.

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