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Jewish Children

Welcome to Kveller! We are a resource for parents of Jewish children who want to learn the many ways of adding a Jewish twist to their parenting. From birth to first haircuts to preschool and Jewish summer camp, the opportunities to include Jewish traditions into your family’s lifestyle are easy and plentiful, and best of all, it’s up to you just how you want to do it.

It’s a boy? Here’s how to

plan a bris  milah

 during those hectic first days:

Bris Milah Facts

What to ask the mohel

Post-circumcision care

Everybody wants the most well-behaved kids on the block, right? Take our advice:



Avoiding overindulgence

Here are some awesome books, both new and old, that your kids will love:

What Zeesie Saw on Delancey Street
Five Little Gefiltes
The Latke Who Couldn’t Stop Screaming

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