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Jewish baby names

Names That Sound Good in Hebrew But Really Bad in English


Someone just called this boy "Dudu."

We feel bad for the Israeli kids with these names that come to English-speaking countries. Though in Hebrew these names are normal and used often, and dare I say pretty, they just don’t translate well. Or at all, in some cases. And don’t worry—we have a list of names that sound good in English but bad in Hebrew too.


1)    Nimrod (pronounced differently, but oy)

2)    Dudu (a nickname for David)

3)    Ofek (just doesn’t sound good)

4)    Pinchas (sounds like an elementary nickname for a male anatomy part)

5)    Dror (would you name your kid Closet?)


1)    Osnat (anything that reminds you of mucus can’t be good)

2)    Ruchama (again, sounds like a chest infection)

3)    Leeba (just makes you sound like a Yiddish grandmother)

4)    Limor (unless you want your daughter to sound like a Dr. Seuss character)

5)    Zilpah (why not name your kid Kazoo or Yo-Yo?)

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