Purim Costume: Queen Esther – Kveller
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Purim Costume: Queen Esther

Yes, Purim is often considered the Jewish Halloween and you could easily use Halloween costumes to dress up your kids. But there’s more than that to Purim. The Megillah reading tells the story, and making these costumes are the first step to having your kids act it out. Plus, the characters are classic: queen, king, hero, and bad guy. (And we’ve got the costumes for them all!) No sewing necessary.

You’ll Need:

2 king-sized white pillowcases
yarn (I used a ribbon yarn)

1. Cut the first pillow case in half lengthwise, and cut along the seam to open it up.

2. Take one of the halves you just cut and tie a knot in the center of the length. Tie two more knots on either side (for a total of five knots). Leave the remaining material loose. This part is a simple headband or crown.

3. Using the second pillowcase, cut an opening for the head by cutting along the closed end of the case approximately 8 inches in the middle. Leave the sides closed for the shoulders. Create armholes by cutting along seams beginning approximately 6 inches down from the corners.    

4. Take the second length of fabric cut from the first pillowcase. Cut it in half. Thread one half through the neck and arm hole. Tie and allow fabric to fall on either side of shoulder to create a detail. Repeat on other side.

5. Cut nine long strands of ribbon yarn (enough to wrap around your child’s waist three times). Tie a knot approximately 6 inches from end (leaving ends to dangle) and braid. Tie again approximately 6 inches from end. This forms the belt for the gown.

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