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Purim Dolls

There are four main components of Purim: giving gifts to friends (mishloach manot), giving food to the poor (matanot l’evonim), having a festive meal, and hearing the Purim story, or megillah. If you make these clothespin dolls, it will be even easier to act out the story with your kids (for the whole Purim story, go here). Make some mishloach manot, donate some food to the poor, and make these delicious Purim foods, and before you know it, you’ve celebrated Purim. Have fun!

You’ll Need:

Doll pins (large wooden clothes pins without the hinge, easily found at craft stores)
felt (4 colors–I used blue, white, purple and black)
pipe cleaners
aluminum foil
glue (craft glue or glue gun)

1. Draw faces on doll pins using markers.
2. Make circle of glue on doll’s torso. Wrap white pipe cleaner over glue (leaving ends sticking out) to create arms.
3. Cut felt into a square of approximately six inches by 1.5 inches.
4. Fold in half.
5. Cut small notch in middle of fold to create a hole for the head.
6. Slide doll head into hole. This is the doll’s robe.
7. Wrap pipe cleaner around doll waist to secure robe.
8. Add accessories: hair for Esther, crowns for Ahashverosh and Esther, hat for Haman, yarmulke for Mordechai.

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