Purim Grogger – Kveller
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Purim Grogger

This is one of our green crafts that reuse household objects and turn them into symbolic or ritual objects for the Jewish holidays.

On Purim, we shake groggers when the name Haman (the bad guy) is spoken during the reading of the Megillah (Purim story), to drown out the name of this villain.

You will need: 

Dried juice box
Rice or unpopped popcorn kernels
Packaging tape
Funnel (optional)


1. Use your finger or the straw to widen the hole in the juice box just a little.

2. Carefully put about 1/8 cup of rice or unpopped popcorn kernels in the hole in the juice box one at a time or using a small funnel.

3. Cover the top of the box with a couple of pieces of tape to keep the kernels in.

4. Decorate with stickers.

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