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Top Ten Jewish Lullabies


“Zolst Zayn Lebn” (You Should Live and Be Well)
Sung by Norig Recher

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A change of pace from the slow, introspective style of most Jewish lullabies is the sarcastically titled and upbeat “Zolst Zayn Leben,” sung from the perspective of a babysitter who thinks she deserves a break: “You should live and be well, if you think I should sit here and rock the baby to sleep for you. Other girls go dancing and have fun while I have to sit here and sing the baby to sleep.” Fortunately for baby, the sitter buckles down and does her job, and the song concludes, “Hush now, don’t cry, your mama will be back soon.” If you’re looking for a lullaby to dance to, or a song for wake-up time, this lively klezmer-band arrangement is just the ticket.

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