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Where to Buy Maternity Clothes

Maternity clothes that you actually like are easily one of the most challenging things to find. Sizes are all over the place since you are as well. They rarely style things in the way that you usually like. However, there are several ways to find things with a wide range of prices.

1. Destination Maternity. This is a parent company to Motherhood Maternity and A Pea in the Pod. I liked Destination Maternity for three reasons: it usually had a pretty good range of styles; it was reasonably priced; and it was near my OBGYN’s office. I was mostly looking for summer stuff and early fall. I needed primarily casual and a few dressier items for events. They also have an online store.

2. Motherhood Maternity. To me, this seemed like a smaller version of Destination Maternity. While there were less choices in terms of style at the store I shopped at, it was still reasonably priced. Since this was closer to my house, I used this to supplement what I already had in my wardrobe. There are more Motherhood Maternity stores throughout the area, often at Macy’s or other department stores. It also has an online store.

3. A Pea in the Pod. I never bought anything from A Pea in the Pod because it was very high end and very expensive. You could get clothes for fancier events, but you definitely pay the price. Their online store is here.

4. Target. Believe it or not, Target has some decent maternity wear. I can’t remember if I ended up buying anything from them (pregnancy brain) but they had some nice dresses.

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5. Boutique shops. I had two spring weddings to attend while I was pregnant and got my dress from a local boutique shop, Bump. The advantage of boutique shops is the personal attention. They are a little more expensive but most of them have very nice clothing (sadly, Bump is closing this summer).

6. Parent Listservs. During my second pregnancy, I didn’t want to buy anything new. I had some stuff left over from my first pregnancy that I could use but I was going to be pregnant during the fall and winter. And I needed a winter coat. I posted to several parent listservs in my area (Brooklyn) and bought used clothes from other moms. Because of the sizing issues, ask if you can try on the clothes before you buy them. Many people will understand and allow you to do this. The other challenge with getting things off a listserv is that you never know what you’ll get when it comes to style or how worn it is. Don’t take something you won’t wear. This is, however, a very affordable way to get maternity clothes.

7. Friends and relatives. The most affordable way to get maternity clothes is to ask friends and relatives who are done with a pregnancy (even if they intend on having another). Most are happy to lend (or give) you maternity clothes. Believe me, once you’re done with your maternity clothes, you’ll want to pass them on to someone else, too!

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