Ashton Kutcher Talks About Daughter Wyatt: 'It Is My Job to Protect Her' – Kveller
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Ashton Kutcher Talks About Daughter Wyatt: ‘It Is My Job to Protect Her’

Ashton Kutcher, husband to Jewish actress Mila Kunis, recently opened up about how he’s determined to keep his daughter, Wyatt, as far away from the spotlight as possible.

So, why doesn’t the 38-year-old want his 2-year-old daughter to follow in his and wife Mila Kunis’ successful footsteps? He explained how, of course, it’s ultimately her decision when she’s an adult–but while she’s still a child, no dice:

“No. When it is a choice that she is making, then I think it is fine…As long as it’s not a choice that she is making, it is my job to protect her from all this nonsense.”

Since Wyatt is beginning to talk now, this also means she’s been picking up on some less than stellar words, like the F-bomb. Kutcher also revealed the funny (and a little embarrassing) backstory to this:

“Mila comes into the bedroom and is like ‘Puppy peed on the stairwell,’ and I go ‘F**k,’ and I walk away like this and all of a sudden, I hear behind me, ‘F**k.’ I turn around [and] she legitimately is like, ‘F**k,’ and I was like, ‘Fox. I said fox. Papa said fox.’”

Who said parenthood was easy?

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