#BabiesForBernie Proves Cutest Political Movement Ever – Kveller
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#BabiesForBernie Proves Cutest Political Movement Ever

If you thought the Ruth Ginsburg baby costume was cute, brace yourselves. Now there’s babies dressed up as Bernie Sanders, and our minds are blown by too much cuteness. Even if you don’t like Halloween, it’s never too soon to include your kids in a political movement.

The hashtag #BabiesForBernie has been taking over social media one picture at a time, with parents showing off their bundles of joy wearing Sanders’ signature white hair and glasses in adorable onesies. Regardless of which presidential candidate you support, you can’t help but love these white-haired, Benjamin Button-esque babes.

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I can’t help but think #BabiesForBernie kind of sounds like Bernie Babies. Can we get Beanie Babies to make a special edition Bernie Baby? We’d totally buy it. For everyone.

Check out some of our favorites below:

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