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Barbie’s Modern Makeover: 11 Diverse & Empowering New Barbie Dolls

Ever since last year, Barbie has been on a mission of transformation–or you know, she’s been undergoing a dramatic makeover–which was much-needed. Over the past year, Barbie has come out in three different body types and seven skin tones, then as a plus-sized doll, and also a President and Vice President doll, for starters.

It all started with their “Imagine the Possibilities” campaign in 2016, which focused on allowing girls to not only believe in their dreams, but take the steps to achieve them.

Then, earlier this year, the company pushed the envelope even further and debuted its campaign, “Dads Who Play Barbie,” as a way to promoting close bonds and healthy relationships between fathers and daughters–and show that men can play with dolls with their daughters.

Recently, Adweek spoke with Matt Miller, CCO of BBDO (the agency behind the brand’s reinvention). He explained why they chose to do the “Dads Who Play Barbie” campaign:

“Once we saw the research [from Barbie’s partnership with Wake Forest University] that proves the more involved a dad is in his daughter’s imaginative play, the more he contributes to her real-life development, we knew dads had to be a part of the brand’s narrative.”

As a feminist who played with Barbie dolls as a kid, I can’t say how pleased Barbie’s reinvention makes me–girls should have dolls with ambitions and dreams that go beyond her looks (because girls and women are more than their bodies), but just as importantly, girls should have dolls that reflect their own cultures (and while there are more than seven skin tones in the world, it’s a good start). While I’m not saying these changes are enough, they are a healthy start. In addition, promoting more realistic body types allows girls to celebrate their differences–which is invaluable.

That being said, here are some current Barbie dolls designed to empower women and girls, and promote diversity:

1. Firefighter Barbie

firefighter barbie

2. Veterinarian Barbie

3. Game Developer Barbie

gamer barbie

4. Pilot Barbie

5. Philippines Barbie, Mutya

6. City Chic Barbie

7. Quincenera Barbie

8. Fashionista Barbie

9. Alazne Barbie Doll

10. Claudette Gordon Barbie

11. Barbie “Star Trek” 50th Anniversary Uhura Doll

star trek

To find more, you can check the Barbie Collection here.

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