Beloved Children's Author (And 'Modern Love' Columnist) Amy Krouse Rosenthal Dies at 51 – Kveller
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Beloved Children’s Author (And ‘Modern Love’ Columnist) Amy Krouse Rosenthal Dies at 51

Amy Krouse Rosenthal, a Chicago-based children’s book author, recently wrote an essay that went viral. Considering it was titled, “You May Want to Marry My Husband,” it’s not surprising to say why. Sadly, the 51-year-old Jewish author died this morning, leaving behind her husband, the focus of her viral essay, and their three children, 24-year-old Justin, 22-year-old Miles, and 19-year-old Paris. The essay shared the sweet love story of her and her husband, Jason Rosenthal.

Rosenthal, who was known for her critically-acclaimed children’s books (“Little Oink” just came out earlier this month) and memoir, “Textbook Amy Krouse Rosenthal,” battled with ovarian cancer since 2015. Amy Rennert, a literary agent and close friend of Rosenthal’s, confirmed the death this morning to People:

“Everything Amy did was life and love affirming. She was such a bright light with a great sense of wonder. Amy loved her family. She loved words, ideas, connections.

She taught us that life’s seemingly small moments are not really small at all. Amy’s final essay, written under the most difficult of circumstances — a love letter to her husband Jason — was the ultimate gift to him and also to the rest of us. She leaves behind a legacy of love and beauty and kindness.”

Jason, Rosenthal’s husband, also released a statement to People, saying how the viral essay she wrote “emotionally ripped” him “apart.”

“I didn’t know exactly what she was composing. But I was with her as she labored through this process and I can tell you that writing the story was no easy task. When I read her words for the first time, I was shocked at the beauty, slightly surprised at the incredible prose given her condition and, of course, emotionally ripped apart.

I don’t have the same aptitude for the written word, but if I did, I can assure you that my tale would be about the most epic love story… ours.”

Let’s remember Rosenthal and celebrate all that she did for the writing world by checking out some of her books (she published over 30!). Here books you and your kids are sure to love:

1. “I Wish You More

amy krous rosenthal amy krous rosenthal

2. “That’s Me Loving You

amy krous rosenthal amy krous rosenthal

3. “Uni the Unicorn


4. “Spoon


5. “Little Oink” (which was just released this month!)

book book

6. “Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life

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