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Bestselling Jewish Author Jennifer Weiner Talks Divorce, Challah, and Literally Everything Else

call your mother

Jennifer Weiner is a bestselling author with thirteen books, a New York Times column, and a backbone of steel — she routinely speaks up for women and female empowerment, everywhere, with humor and flair.

Her newest novel, Mrs. Everything, comes out this June, and is a fiery saga of Jewish women, liberation, sex, and self-realization over the 20th and 21st centuries. Weiner came to the Call Your Mother studio to chat with co-hosts Jordana Horn and Shannon Sarna, and they basically covered the entire gamut of the Jewish female experience, from divorce to yoga to body positivity to challah.

They laughed, they cried… and now they will share the magic with you.

Plus, Shannon discusses her child’s devotion to meatballs, and Jordana’s mom weighs in on how to permanently eradicate sibling rivalry.

Pull up a chair — or recline the driver’s seat in the carpool line — and download and share this week’s episode!


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