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‘Big Little Lies’ Is Ending—Watch and Discuss With Kveller

We’re really feeling HBO’s mom drama “Big Little Lies” here at Kveller HQ. We can’t get enough, in fact. We’ve written about its portrayal of the mom dynamic and the way the show has been been received by critics, and we’ve read tons of pieces about it around the web—including examinations of the role of therapy in the show, its music, and playground bullying mirroring domestic violence.

We can’t wait to watch the final episode on Sunday night, and hope you’ll join us. Before and after the episode airs, we’ll be tweeting with the hashtag #KvellerMomsWatch.

And on Monday, were planning a Facebook Live to discuss the finale, and whether our theories were true or not. Tune in at noon.

Have any burning predictions about what’s going to happen on Sunday night? Please leave them in the comments!



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