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Book Tour Day #3–Jane Pratt and Spanx

Day 3 of the Book Tour was another 6 am to 6 pm whirlwind. VH1, and 5 back-to-back interviews with Sirius radio people including the awesome Jane Pratt were the highlights.

It seems people love the book and we already went back for a second printing. The book was #2 in parenting on Amazon on Tuesday and I feel like my job is somewhat “done” in many respects! Today is the final day and I go home tomorrow with my husband and boys back to our normal crazy life, some book signings in LA, and back to The Big Bang Theory next Wednesday.

Highlights from yesterday:

1. Heels. The 4 1/2″ heels are taking their toll. My feet look like I have been walking around the streets of Manhattan barefoot in a snowstorm.

2. Spanx. I couldn’t figure out why my inner thighs felt like I had bruises on them. It’s the SPANX digging into my legs. Who said being seamless was painless?

3. Autographs. At each appearance I have made, I have been greeted by a few people waiting for me when I get out of the car asking for autographs and pictures. I am fascinated by all of these nice quiet people and think someone needs to make a documentary detailing where they are from, how they get these photos, and what they do with the photos they take with all of the celebrities they encounter.

4. moderated my Barnes and Noble talk and also hosted a 30 person blogger conference yesterday at my publisher’s office. When I originally heard about them, I was worried they were anti-attachment parenting people out to get me…We have had some really neat conversations on and off camera and I am so impressed by what three women with different parenting philosophies and open minds can accomplish. We have broken down a lot of the judgmentalness and cattiness women are expected to have in discussing controversial differences in parenting, and it’s been a real enlightening experience for us all.

5. Purim and fasting. The New York leg of the book tour coincided with Purim, and I did not eat or drink anything all day yesterday for
Ta’anit Esther
. I was a little low energy, a tad cranky by 2 pm, and sort of flying high by 3 pm. I did suck on a lozenge for 30 seconds twice when my voice was no longer coming out of my mouth (I am just getting over a cold and laryngitis), but I was really happy that although being on this tour changed the way I would have typically celebrated Purim, I was able, once again, to use fasting as a concrete reminder of the power of the mind the body. We attended schul as a family in Manhattan and my boys dressed up both as Spiderman and Fred was freaked out by the noise and all the people but sat nicely on my husband’s lap, and Miles loved seeing the Purim spiel and screaming “Boo Haman!!” over and over during the Megillah reading.

6. Maccabeats. I may or may not have gone to Washington Heights to hang out with some of the Maccabeats. We may or may not have had some amazing discussions about the purpose of creation, the deeper meaning of Purim, and the unbelievable presence of God in our everyday lives.

I may be exhausted this morning, but the human mind and body can handle a lot. And the presence of Something bigger than me reveals Itself in myriad small and grand ways.

Chag Sameach, and may we all find what is hidden to be revealed for us today and all year.

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