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Book Tour Day #4–What I Learned

The New York leg of my book tour has ended. Yesterday was “Good day, New York” and a radio satellite tour and an interview with Us Weekly for their website (fancy, I know!).

Here are the top 5 things I learned from this book tour based on the variety of questions I had never thought about answering until now.
1. My husband. I hadn’t quite thought of it this way before, but it was our choice of parenting style (attachment parenting) that helped my husband decide to stay home with our boys. The guidelines of babywearing, bed-sharing, and establishing a deep and powerful emotional relationship through gentle discipline really helped my husband feel empowered and capable in a way I don’t know he would have had we not embraced these “unifying” principles which are for dads and moms alike.
2. I’m Not Judging! I really do believe in being non-judgmental and not espousing the “only” way to raise kids; it’s not just lip service. Meeting the ladies of really solidified this for me in a powerful way.

3. I Feel Pretty. Much as I don’t fit the traditional mold of Hollywood beauty, having my fantastic hair/make-up artist along for this trip made me not worry and obsess over how I looked. I know she knows how to play up my features and make me feel relaxed and confident.

4. Bling. I love wearing a Magen David, and I don’t really care if it doesn’t “match” the look of the outfit. I like being seen in it and it makes me feel really protected and “myself” in situations that can challenge even the most confident of people.

5. Support. I am thrilled I wrote this book even though it’s hard being attacked and questioned and judged about being an attachment parenting mama. I love that AP moms and dads feel supported and justified to make their own decisions, and I love that non-AP people are learning about it in new ways.

What a crazy busy week. What a crazy busy life. Thank you, Kveller, for helping me learn to write the way I do and for supporting this part of my life. Kvell on!
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