Boy Bans His Mom from 'Tucking Him In' with Brutal Note – Kveller
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Boy Bans His Mom from ‘Tucking Him In’ with Brutal Note

We never get sick of the notes little kids write to their parents out of extreme frustration (over situations that seem like the end of the world to them at the time!). One little boy recently took the cake with a note he wrote recently to his mother.

For whatever reason, Owen was so upset with his mom that he didn’t even want her to come and tuck him in or read him a story before bedtime. Now that’s pretty serious. That’s like telling your spouse you can’t watch “Game of Thrones” anymore. It’s just…not gonna happen.

He wrote:

“Mommy, Don’t come read with me. I am mad at you. And I will Tuck my own self in. Senserly [sic], Owen.”

Naturally, all hilarious notes written by kids somehow find their way to the depths of the internet. His mom’s cousin posted a picture of the message to Reddit last Thursday. It sparked a series of nostalgic comments from other Redditors, who recalled times when they’d been in trouble with their own parents, and traded tips on how they deal with their children’s tantrums now.

See the note here:

My cousin got her mommy privileges revoked for tonight from funny

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