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Bubbe Chic: It’s All in the Pocketbook

Growing up, my Bubbe referred to her purse as a pocketbook. We always made fun of her, and said that it was a purse. Nonetheless, she never stopped calling it a pocket book. Now when I think of a pocketbook there’s a vintage feel to that term. I can see her pocketbooks right now in my head, and I am really glad my mom was savvy enough to save the good ones. Pocket books have suddenly changed from funny to endearing.

Once I really started to think of her beautiful bags, I realized her bag style was timeless. If she was alive today her bags would be considered vintage. The basics of her bags are still alive and well. While envisioning my Bubbe holding her pocketbook, I found more modern versions with all of the basic elements of the pocket book.

The characteristics of a pocket book can be one or more of the following: a frame with a clasp, a flap over the front of the bag, a chain strap, shorter strap, clutch style.

Here are day bag looks:

Here are evening looks. Now remember in the day of the official pocket book it was standard to take an evening bag even if just visiting a friend in the evening hours.

One final thing: I know these bags look small for what you want to carry daily, but we must remember that back then there was so much less to carry. Maybe it’s time for you to consider what is truly an essential. Once you bring it down to essentials you could carry a gorgeous pocket book too. Believe me when I tell you that you’ll exude nothing but chicness.

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