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Calling All High Holiday Photographs

As evidenced to the right, searching for Jewish pictures on stock photography websites can be frustrating, if not outright laughable. Our “parent” website MyJewishLearning has had it up to here with phony, staged pictures of Jewish people doing Jewish things, so they’re making a plea to the real Jewish families out there. That’s where you come in.

MyJewishLearning is currently holding a photo contest asking for pictures of real families celebrating Rosh Hashanah. This could mean photos of your kids dipping apples into honey, or the whole family sitting down to a meal. However you celebrate, we would like to see it. The person who submits the best photograph will win an Amazon gift card and have their picture featured prominently on MyJewishLearning. The fame! The glory!

So start clicking through your Facebook albums (or photo albums, for those of you who are so 2003), and add your favorite Rosh Hashanah pics to the contest Flickr pool.

Read full contest guidelines here.

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