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Can We Borrow $2?

As you may have noticed, Kveller has launched an end-of-the-year fundraising campaign. We know, we know–it’s the time of year everyone is hitting you up for money, but we think our campaign is a little special because all we are asking for is TWO. DOLLARS.

That’s right, two bucks and you can help us continue to publish great posts about everything from pregnancy to preschool to nutella beignets. Two bucks and we can keep bringing you the inside scoop from Mayim Bialik. Two bucks and you can help–the only Jewish parenting website of its kind–continue to serve Jewish moms and families as a source of guidance, insight, and most of all, support.

If you’re more of a visual learner, let’s put this into perspective. For the price of the following items, you can help Kveller out in a major way:

1. Eight gumballs.

2. One baby food pouch.

3. One Twelfth* of a Sophie the Giraffe

*That’s just an ear!

As part of a non-for-profit, Kveller depends on the support from readers like you. If you have $2 to spare, please consider donating through our secure website here. If you’re more comfortable giving through PayPal, you can do so here as well. If you would like to pitch in a little more than $2, all contributors of $50 or higher will get a $10 coupon to Magic Beans, where you can shop a parent-tested selection of baby gear and toys for all ages including, yes, a full Sophie the Giraffe.

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