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Can You Eat Bacon and Keep Kosher? This Journalist, Lawyer, and Jewish Mom Weighs In.


Dahlia Lithwick is a senior editor at Slate, a lawyer, and host of Slate’s podcast, Amicus: Law, Justice, and the Courts. She’s also one seriously badass Jewish mom who favors the “benign neglect” method of parenting.

This week on Call Your Mother, Jordana Horn and Shannon Sarna get the chance to speak with the Supreme Court expert about everything from not forcing religious beliefs on your kids, her time in living in Charlottesville (yes, that Charlottesville, and how she grapples with the violent, white supremacist events that took place there in August 2017), and her son’s obsession with bacon.

Plus, Jordana’s mom weighs in with some unsolicited advice about parents’ smartphones, and how they have become a detrimental “super siblings” in our world today.

A spot of bad news: Call Your Mother is going on short break. But hold those tears! We’ve got good news, too: We will be back and better than ever in mid-April, just in time to spark some Passover joy.

For now, make sure you download and share this week’s episode.

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