Can You Tell These Real Breastfeeding Products from the Fake Ones? – Kveller
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Can You Tell These Real Breastfeeding Products from the Fake Ones?

Our society is pretty weird about breastfeeding, big on shaming moms who don’t do it while also shaming moms who do breastfeed in public. Add to this double-bind the whole pumping phenomenon, and you’ve got a lot of stressed out, under-pressure moms.

So capitalism has caught on by trying to sell all kinds of accessories for nursing and pumping moms (some of those are amazing, don’t get me wrong)—and presto! You’ve got a treasure trove of product-name puns about the words “boob” and “milk” that are funny, infantilizing, strange, clever and honestly, just plain weird.

To celebrate this abundance of tata-themed trademarks, we present you with a quiz.

Can you tell which of these product names are real and which we made up? Answers at bottom.

1-Booby Trap


3-The Udder Woman

4-Moo Moo Mama

5-Boobie Bars


7-Yummy Mummy

8-Hooter Hiders

9-My Breast Friend


11-Latch ‘n’ Catch



14-Silky Milkers

15- Bébé Au Lait


1 fake 2 real 3 fake 4 fake 5 real 6 real 7 real 8 real 9 real 10 real 11 fake 12 real 13- real 14 fake 15 real

If you got them all right, you’ve probably breastfed in the last few years. Congratulations to you and your sore boobs.


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