Charlottesville Victim's Mother: I Will Not Forgive President Trump – Kveller
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Charlottesville Victim’s Mother: I Will Not Forgive President Trump

Heather Heyer  was a woman about my age, who was attending a protest as I often do. She was mowed down in the prime of her life by a white supremacist in Charlottesville last weekend.

And her mother’s words of courage have been downright inspirational this week—much like another grieving mother earlier this summer.

Heyer’s mom Susan Bro spoke movingly at her daughter’s funeral recently, saying “I’d rather have my child, but by golly, if I gotta give her up, we’re gonna make it count.”

In an appearance on Good Morning America this morning, she vowed that since the President’s controversial press conference on Tuesday, she would not accept any overtures from the White House. “I saw an actual clip of him at a press conference, equating the protesters like Miss Heyer with the KKK and white supremacists,” she said to host Robin Roberts, continuing: “You can’t wash this one away by shaking my hand and saying I’m sorry. I’m not forgiving for that.”

Our hearts go out to her.

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