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Cheese Lovers Rejoice: Polly-O String Cheese is Now Kosher Certified


I have a deep love affair with cheese. Whether it is the creamiest brie or that weird fluorescent orange stuff in Easy Mac, I am all about it all the time. If you (or your kids) are anything like me, you’ll be pleased to know Kraft announced today that all of its Polly-O string cheeses are now kosher certified by the Orthodox Union.

This will make Polly-O the first major string cheese brand to be fully Kosher certified, which is pretty sweet.

It wrote in a press release:

“We’re always listening to our fans, including those in the kosher community, and we know they are looking for premium, mainstream brands with OU certification,” said Camille Vareille, Sr. Brand Manager for Polly-O.  “With high-quality ingredients and delicious flavors to choose from, we’re excited to offer Polly-O to kosher string cheese lovers,” Vareille added.


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