Chelsea Clinton Was Ridiculously Shamed for Missing Her Daughter's First Day of School – Kveller
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Chelsea Clinton Was Ridiculously Shamed for Missing Her Daughter’s First Day of School

Yesterday was a milestone for the Clinton-Mezvinsky family. It was Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky’s daughter Charlotte’s first day of school in New York City. Of course, it wouldn’t be America without some kind of controversy.

What was it this time? Chelsea was unable to be present at her daughter’s first day because she was on on the campaign trail for her mother in North Carolina (who also has pneumonia and was recovering at home in Chappaqua).

STOP THE PRESSES. A working mom couldn’t be present. Does anyone ever say that about working dads who can’t show up? Two-year-old Charlotte was escorted by her dad and nanny, which is more than fine. The fact that the media is getting all uppity about this is totally classist–it’s forgetting about all the parents who have to work and can’t take time off to see their kids’ big day.

No parent wants to miss a milestone, but sometimes life (like having a job) just doesn’t allow us to be present for all of them. It’s no one’s fault–and it doesn’t make anyone less of a parent because of this. This is just the reality of the lives of many Americans, especially those who can’t afford to take off time from work, or have other situations that don’t allow them to be present (such as an illness).

The message sent here is not only exhausting, but it’s so sexist, my eyeballs actually hurt from reading about it. This is not news–it’s just a bad message being sent to men and women everywhere: A woman’s job is never as important as her role as a mom, but a man’s job always trumps fatherhood. So tiring.

Can we make a pact to stop living in 1957?

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