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Contest: Make-Your-Own-Book

Now that my daughter is 2.5-years-old, our lives have changed a bit. She’s big enough to do a somersault, she can recite books along with us, and she loves it when we tell her stories. In fact, stories are her new obsession. Some stories are from her life, like the time we went to see Auntie Kim run the Philadelphia Marathon. Others are made up, like Queen Midas who turns everything she touches into candy.

I was talking to my husband about our daughter’s newest obsession with stories and he said, “We should totally start a business where people can make their own books with the stories they make up for their kids.” I thought it was brilliant, but we didn’t follow up. And then the other day, I discovered this amazing website, Scribblitt, where you can do just that. Granted, I’m a little sad that my husband’s idea wasn’t so original and that it’s not our business, but I’m getting over it. And now we’re partnering to bring create-your-own-books to you!

Scribblitt is a site that helps kids write stories, then add personal photos, their own illustrations, and more, to come up with beautiful, personalized books. It’s great for older kids to work on their own, or for younger kids to have a parent guide them through creating their story.

So how does this connect to you? One lucky reader will receive a code to make their own free, personalized Scribblitt book! In the comments section below, just write the title and author of the book that your child is most obsessed with right now. We’ll pick a reader at random by 5 pm on Friday, February 3. Enter now, and good luck!

(For more details on Scribblitt, check out their Facebook page or their website.)

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