Coolest Teen Uncle Wears Suit to Meet Baby Niece ‘Because First Impressions Matter’ – Kveller
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Coolest Teen Uncle Wears Suit to Meet Baby Niece ‘Because First Impressions Matter’

When a new baby is welcomed into the family, it’s a big deal for everybody, especially when it means you become a first time uncle or aunt. For 18-year-old Grant Kessler, who lives in Ohio, he took that moment very seriously when his older sister gave birth to a baby girl. In fact, he took it so seriously that he dressed up in a suit for the occasion.

The sweet moment was captured in a photo Grant’s 16-year-old sister, Iris, took, who later tweeted the photo of him in the waiting room on Tuesday, with the caption:

“my sister is about to have a baby and my brother showed up to the hospital in a suit because ‘first impressions matter.’”

Iris’ tweet has now received over 450,000 likes and 135,000 retweets–which is incredible. Clearly, this post has resonated with Twitter users, who called Grant’s gesture “sweet” and “gentlemanly” and named him “Uncle of the Year.” I can’t disagree either. The simple act shows that he not only values his sister, but already values his niece. The Kesslers’ older sister Olivia ended up giving birth to a baby girl named Carter–and what a welcome she got.

This behavior, however, is apparently not unusual for Grant, as Iris told The Huffington Post this is just how her brother is:

”Grant has a really cool personality. He’s a kid that you just sort of respect as soon as you meet him, and he likes to be liked.”

Iris believes the tweet went viral because it’s a little over the top, but also mentioned how she hopes it inspires people to do small gestures like that more often:

“It was just such an over the top while also being subtle thing for him to do for the baby. And he is excited to get to share this with her when she’s old enough to understand.

I hope people see that there are such little ways that they can make people around them happy, and to just keep spreading love around in order to brighten anyone’s day that you can!”

Coolest uncle ever.

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