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Didn’t Have Time to Read This Year? Catch Up on Great Jewish Lit with This Journal

It’s hard to find time to read when you have a screaming toddler in your face most of the time, crying about how they hate broccoli or don’t want to go to bed or just because. Well, now there’s a journal that compiled all sorts of great Jewish literature–and makes it easy for you to catch up during the holiday down time.

Paper Brigade is the Jewish Book Council’s annual literary magazine, which is named in honor of the group of writers and intellectuals in the Vilna Ghetto who rescued thousands of Jewish books from destruction by the Nazis. The 2017 issue just came out, and it’s so incredible.

Some of my favorite pieces include:

1. “Etgar Keret and Ann Goldstein” is a great interview where both writers talk about translation

2. “Art Spiegelman and Maira Kalman” is another interview where both discuss the first Jewish books they fell in love with

3. “Introduction to a Jewish Literary Map of the South” by Mary Glickman

4. “Why Can’t I Be Someone Else? Jewish American writers on the perils of appropriation” by Jennifer Glaser

You can order an issue here. Happy reading!

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