Disabled Protesters Dragged Away as Awful "Trumpcare" Bill is Revealed – Kveller
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Disabled Protesters Dragged Away as Awful “Trumpcare” Bill is Revealed

The Senate’s “Trumpcare” bill has been revealed and it’s really, really bad. As Ezra Klein writes on Vox: “Policy after policy in the bill is built to achieve the same goal: making poor people pay more for less health insurance.”

ThinkProgress elaborates: “The bill would strip health care coverage from millions of low income Americans by rolling back the expansion of Medicaid — and then making even deeper cuts … the Senate bill makes even deeper, more dramatic cuts to Medicaid that, over time, would leave more low income Americans without health coverage.”

But Sarah, you say! These are liberals talking.

OK, perhaps you’re looking for a less partisan response. Below is the statement from such communist hotbeds as the American Academy of Pediatrics, March of Dimes, Children’s Hospital Association and other non-political groups. The press release is titled: “Medicaid Caps Would Harm Children and Pregnant Women.”

On Capitol Hill today, protesters—including many in wheelchairs—were being dragged away by police. It’s symbolic of what the bill does: takes vulnerable people and drags them back to a sad, scary and sometimes fatal state.

Call your Senators today.

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