Disney Announces 'Frozen 2' So We Can Let It Go All Over Again – Kveller
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Disney Announces ‘Frozen 2’ So We Can Let It Go All Over Again

Getting sick of your kids talking about Elsa and Anna ad nauseum? Well, you better ‘Let It Go,’ because you’re in for ANOTHER WHOLE MOVIE of snowflakes, ice, and belting broadway divas. 

That’s right. Disney announced today that there are plans for a ‘Frozen’ sequel, following the movie’s $1.3 billion dollar box office explosion in 2013 and Oscar wins.

We haven’t heard anything about a prospective plot, but I’m hoping that the second film makes a point to carry on the positive messages of the first. Of course, either way it’s going to make Disney a $#!*load of money, but I’m all for more positive messages about the importance of love between siblings, family members, and women in general.

Kristen Bell (Anna) seemed pretty jazzed about the idea:

Despite the fact that it seems everyone and their children love ‘Frozen,’ we know that some people don’t. How do YOU feel? Are you excited for another movie featuring these two plucky heroines? Let us know in the comments below. 

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