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Disney’s 2023 Hanukkah Merch, Ranked

Disney went all out for Hanukkah this year.


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In early October, Disney released its most thrilling Hanukkah collection yet. Unfortunately, awful world events quickly eclipsed this important news for the Jews.

That being said, we all need some Jewish Disney magic and joy in our lives right now, and Disney’s Hanukkah collection is now on sale on their website (!!) for Cyber Week! Disney kids and adults: This is truly a cause for celebration.

However, I must launch one complaint: The Disney Hanukkah collection is mostly yellow and blue, which feels like a miss. The colors may make it easier to find in a store, but this collection would be so much more exciting with some purples and oranges and other shades. Still, I find much of the items offered by the animation giant genuinely delightful.

Here is Kveller’s unofficial ranking of Disney’s 2023 Hanukkah collection:


13. Mickey Hanukkah Salad Plates

Hanukkah! Plates! They have all the staples! They are gold and blue and white! The pattern does feel a little Christmas-wreath-like, but I’m not super mad at it. The sufganiyot are particularly plump. Overall, not a terrible, or terribly exciting, Hanukkah product. Though I do love Disney for reminding us that we really need to have some salad with those latkes, you know, for the fiber.

12. Love You a Latke Disney Shirt

I can see a very cute certain type of bubbe (or zayde! Or nonna or nono!) wearing this shirt all holiday long. I love it a latke, if you will. I also love the Minnie Mouse/Daisy Duck sisterhood. I sure hope this t-shirt isn’t trying to tell us that they’re the only Disney characters able to fry latkes, but they most assuredly are not (I bet Goofy would make a mean potato pancake).

11. Mickey Mouse and Friends Hanukkah Shirt

I too love celebrating celebrating celebrating Hanukkah Hanukkah Hanukkah, as this shirt says. I dare you to wear it to your local Hanukkah celebration and enter the room by shouting the text on it. Also, I am a little confused about this dreidel game: Is everyone playing? Can Pluto even spin a dreidel?

10. Mickey Mouse and Friend Hanukkah Hoodie

The oversized hoodie is my personal favorite fashion item this season, but I will say, a white one is problematic for a holiday known for its constant frying of food. Though maybe the oil splatters will enhance the design? Again, not sure about this dreidel game scene, especially since the dreidels have no letters on them, but I am rooting for Daisy to win.

9. Happy Hanukkah Cakeworthy Sweater

This sweater is the top sweater in this ranking, only because it has a special guest — Clarabelle the cow (voiced by April Winchell, daughter of iconic ventriloquist and inventor Paul Winchell, the grandson of Jewish immigrants). Truly an underrated Disney legend. I bet she’d make a good Hanukkah party guest. She definitely seems excited to be joining the celebration on this sweater.


8. Mickey Mouse Hanukkah Plush

Mickey, are you OK? You look a little worried. Are you concerned about fire safety? Are you worried about lighting this obviously flammable menorah you’re holding? We promise to keep you as far away from the candles and to cuddle that Jewish angst out of you.


7. Mickey Knit Sweater

Blue. Yellow. Menorah. This one is basic as far as design but don’t we love a knit pattern? And doesn’t Mickey look particularly thrilled to be holding that menorah in his four gloved fingers? Even his tail seems particularly jaunty. And blue does look good on him, after all.

6. Disney Hanukkah Serving Platter

This may be unintentional, but this serving plate has a perfect Hanukkah design. Each Mickey ear can hold a different latke topping (sour cream and apple sauce, lox and cream cheese, brisket or maybe even… ketchup?) and the center makes for the perfect latke receptacle. Well done, Disney?


5. Baby and Toddler Hanukkah Pajamas

Toddlers are known maximalists and so are these pajamas, with all the characters and all the Hanukkah things — dreidels, latkes, a menorah. I love the little Mickey and dreidels peeking on the pants. And you’ve got to love Disney for the practical button on the top which helps make dressing those squirmy kids easier.

4. Mickey Woven Men’s Shirt

I love, love, love the idea of a fun short-sleeved Hanukkah button-up shirt, and I love Disney for going for a wearable item that’s a little more unique. Yet I am not 100% in love with this one, mostly because of the colors. They make it feel a bit pajama-y. Or like a tablecloth that was turned into a shirt. I bet it’d be cuter if it came in more colors. Even the model wearing this shirt on the Disney website seems unconvinced about this look. Still, the shirt has a very good Jewish dad vibe and its pocket does seem to be the perfect size to hold some notecards with Jewish jokes on them.

3. Hanukkah Light-Up Ear Headband

Sequins! Light up menorahs! Now we’re talking! These are absolutely the perfect Hanukkah party accessory and a delightful thing to walk around the park with during Hanukkah, and honestly? Beyond Hanukkah, too. Jewish pride, baby!

It comes with a USB cable to charge its light-up feature, which will hopefully make it light up for all eight nights, at least. As an aside, I feel like Hanukkah merch needs more sequins and light up technology! This is the holiday of shiny things, after all.

2. Disney Hanukkah Flannel Pajamas.

Aaah, flannel pajamas. Is there anything cozier? And don’t we need to feel comfortable and at home this holiday season? This set of pajamas looks well-made and is full of all the Hanukkah and all the Disney things — Goofy, Daisy, Donald, Mickey, Minnie and Pluto are all present! Hanukkah pajamas are the best thing to wear to any Hanukkah celebration, and these are some of my favorite ones of the season.


1. Mickey and Minnie Mouse Hanukkah Lougefly Bag

This is one of the most unique Hanukkah novelty items I’ve ever seen, and that’s why I put it first in this ranking. It is, as the time of the writing of this piece, 50% off, which makes it quite a reasonable price for a backpack so full of exciting features. Adjustable straps! Battery operated light up menorah! A peeking Minnie with a delightful blue flower hat that your aunt would absolutely love to wear to High Holiday services! Mickey and Minnie playing an exciting game of dreidel on the back! Crisp blue faux leather! An interior pattern with fuzzy looking latkes! Two side pouches to carry your extra sour cream and apple sauce in! I’m obsessed.

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