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Does Having an Orgasm Help You Get Pregnant? Oh Yes!


Stop us if you’ve heard this one: Having an orgasm can help you get pregnant.

Unfortunately, the veracity of this rumor has long been suspect. Lacking concrete evidence, doctors have typically considered it a dubious claim, many cheerfully suggesting, “It definitely can’t hurt!”

But, well, let’s just say that science is awesome. And luckily for us gals, a new study suggests that the orgasm/conception connection might be more than just an old wives’ tale.

While writing his upcoming book Tulips at Midnight: Exploring the latest Research into the Nature and Function of Female Orgasm, Dr. Robert King, a researcher at the University College Cork in Ireland, found that if a woman orgasms during sex, her chances of conceiving go up by 15 percent.

In his study, King asked the six female participants (ages 26 to 52) to record the amount of orgasms they had per month while using a vibrator. The doctor then compared the quantity of liquid in the women’s’ wombs when they orgasmed, and when they didn’t. He found that when his participants climaxed, they held up to 15 percent more liquid in their womb, which suggests the amount of sperm a woman can hold when she orgasms.

“Sperm retention in the womb equates to better chances of falling pregnant, as the sperm is taken up into the uterus via the cervix,” King said in a press release. “And female orgasm significantly aids this process.”

A recent study showed that while heterosexual men report climaxing 95 percent of the time during sexual intimacy, heterosexual women only orgasm 65 percent of the time. King’s study is fairly small — more studies are needed to support the results — but his findings may help close the orgasm gap.

In his upcoming book, King also suggests that a woman is more likely to achieve the big O if her male partner has certain “characteristics.”

“In general, females orgasm more with smart, considerate, vigorous lovers with a nice smell,” King said. “This last one is important because it signifies a compatible immune system.”

So if you’re in a hetero relationship and you’re hoping to get pregnant, consider picking up a bottle of your favorite scent for your man. Hey, it can’t hurt!

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