Dove's #RealStrength Father's Day 2015 Ad Will Make You Cry – Kveller
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Father's Day

Dove’s #RealStrength Father’s Day 2015 Ad Will Make You Cry

Dove and I haven’t always seen eye-to-eye when it comes to effective advertising. Their body image campaigns, which have garnered them a considerable amount of brand power over the past decade, aren’t racially or physically inclusive. Plus, they put an overemphasis on physical beauty and how it ties into a woman’s worth. You know, the usual angry feminist reasons I wouldn’t like something.

However, the beauty brand recently released a Father’s Day ad for their for male-focused offshoot, Dove Men+Care, that really took the cake for me. Entitled #RealStrength, the video shows a series of clips of men finding out they were going to be fathers for the first time. Their reactions are precious, vulnerable, and everything we generally wouldn’t connote with manly.

The message? Real strength is shown in how we care for each other and our families. Alright, Dove. I’ll give you that one.

Watch the ad below:

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