Dr. Ruth Gives 'American Sniper' The Ultimate Smackdown – Kveller
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Dr. Ruth Gives ‘American Sniper’ The Ultimate Smackdown

The Internet has been abuzz with talk about American Sniper, the Bradley Cooper led and Oscar-nominated biopic about the U.S. military’s deadliest sniper, Chris Kyle. Some people loved it, a lot of people hated it (especially babies, who now have body image issues as a result of watching the film), and there are a few in-between who don’t know how to feel. But one person has her mind made up–and that’s Dr. Ruth Westheimer.

Dr. Ruth is famous for her love & sex therapy career, and her penchant for telling it “like it is.” In a Tweet posted on Thursday, Jan. 22, Dr. Ruth gave her verdict on the film:

Boom. And she’s not lying. Dr. Ruth served as a sniper for a military Zionist group after her parents were both killed in the Holocaust. While she apparently never had the opportunity to shoot anyone, she still remembers how to in vivid detail.

Moral of the story: don’t mess with Dr. Ruth, and you need to follow her on Twitter for her hilarious cultural commentary.

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