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Emmys 2012 Recap: Mayim & Family Get Sick

With castmate Melissa Rauch. Note my red nose. I'm sick.

Thank you everyone for your support and good wishes as I headed into the Emmys. They meant a lot to me.

As you’ve come to expect from me, here’s what Emmy Sunday really looked like from the mama-perspective.

My Kid is Sick

He’s got a cold. He got it two days after he was in the kid’s room during Rosh Hashanah services. I’m just saying.

He got sick Thursday and normally I’m the martyr mama who says, “Let me take your sickness away, I’ll take it on, breathe on me!” Well, this time, with the Emmys two days away, my instinct was to instead say–from 15 feet away–“Sleep with your father and brother; mama can’t get sick!”

But when it came down to it, I couldn’t not care for him. I cradled his nearly-7-year-old body and kissed away his tears and slept right up next to him every night.

Post nasal drip set in for me Friday night. I pretended it was just that all the way down the red carpet. And into the Nokia theatre. And through the first two awards of the night. But it was hard to deny that it was just post nasal drip when shortly after Julie Bowen was declared the winner in my category, I felt the telltale tickling inside my nose followed by a mild heaviness in my bones which culminated with full blown red nose and sneezing by the time I left the Governor’s Ball.

I was sick. At the Emmys. Because of some snotty nosed kid at shul. I’m just saying.

Now My Other Kid Is Sick

At an Emmys party Friday night.

My older son had gotten most of his sickness out of the way by the time my husband and I left for the red carpet on Sunday. He and his little brother both floated around the house as I got ready, sometimes bouncing off walls, sometimes throwing footballs through the air (ignoring the fact that we don’t throw ball in the house), and generally both seeming healthy and appropriately up in my face. However, by the time my husband got home (he left the ceremony about two thirds of the way through so that he could put our boys to sleep), he texted me, “I think Fred is sick.” Sure enough, I arrived home to a coughing, congested Fred about two hours later.

The Morning After

I was with both of my sons the morning I found out I was nominated for an Emmy, but I’m pretty certain that neither of them really understand what Emmy, professional actress, or sitcom really mean in terms of what I’m involved with as my career. My older son had some understanding that I was nominated for something and asked if I was nominated for “something like a Grammy.” I simply told him, “Yes. Kind of.”

In the weeks since my nomination was announced, however, we haven’t really talked about it much. He knows I’ve been fitted for fancy dresses, but that’s kind of something I always have to do once in a while anyway. He’s heard conversations about the custom mezuzah I had designed for the awards and he and my younger son laughed as my hair extensions were put in, but yesterday morning, when I woke up with what I have dubbed “The Worst Cold Since We All Had H1N1,” neither of my children asked how the Emmys were, neither asked if I won or if I lost, and I suppose it’s not terribly important to them.

What was important apparently was the following requests I received:

1. Can we have a piano lesson?

2. Can we sing “Rolling in the Deep” together?

3. Did you get me any toys?

4. When’s Ali coming to pick up the gown and fancy purse?

You know, normal questions from your typical 7-year-old child of an Emmy-nominated actress.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t add one final section to this post.

My Assistant Got Sick

I’m just saying.

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