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Everyone Made a Passover “Frozen” Parody This Year–Check Out Our Top Five

If your kids can’t get enough of “Frozen,” they will love this year’s overload of Passover parody videos. Not all Passover “Frozen” parodies are created equal, though, so we’ve selected our five favorites. Each one sillier and more absurd than the next, these spoofs of “Let it Go” will have your family singing “Let Us Go,” all Passover long.


1. The Grown Up version. From Congregation B’nai Shalom in Westborough, MA. There is a nice contrast between frowning geriatric Pharaoh who occasionally raises his staff, and the grinning temple congregants–who look like they might be your parents–performing as back-up dancers.

2. The Teen Version. This charming ukulele version from The Weber School in Atlanta, GA is like the kids’ answer to the previous parody. Created by students and teachers of the school, it addresses what young people hate most about the seder (zzzzz….) and helps bring the haggadah to life. It even comes with an attached lesson plan.


3. The A Capella Version. Watch the members of Six13 pretend to have their name flubbed by John Travolta and then reenact the Passover story on the streets of New York City, eventually escaping slavery via the subway.

4. The Drag Version. From Aish, watch Dad dressed in pink gloves and housewife attire scrub the house and consume ice cream with gusto and then morph back into Abba in time for the kids to come home.

5. The Hair Version. Seriously, how did Moses get his perfectly coiffed hair to bounce like that? Someone get his hair dresser on the line.


Have you seen any Passover parodies that we missed? Share the links to your favorite videos below.

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