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‘Fauda’ Is Coming Back for a 5th Season!

We're excited for another chaotic season of the popular Israeli show.


via Netflix

Israeli TV fans, we’ve got some good news, though unfortunately, not a whole lot of it.

For those of you who binged “Fauda” season four when it landed on Netflix in January, arguably the best season of the Israeli thriller about an undercover IDF unit, and sadly believed it to be the last season — well, first of all, you’re not the only one, and second of all, turns out we were wrong.

“We wrote the fourth season of ‘Fauda’ as a last season,” co-creator Lior Raz shared, referring to himself and partner Avi Issacharoff in a recent podcast interview, but added, “Now we want another season.” And another season they got — Israel’s Yes network recently confirmed that a fifth season of “Fauda” is happening, and will of course be co-written by Raz and Issacharoff.

Beyond that, there’s no more information about what will happen to our hero Doron in the next season of the suspenseful show, though some are speculating that the fifth season may not even be the last.

This is a smart move for all involved — “Fauda” is a huge international hit. The latest season ranked in the top 10 streaming shows on Netflix after its premier in over 20 countries around the world. Plus, the dramatic ending of season four hardly tied all the show’s loose ends.

Of course, a show whose title means “chaos” did have a bit of a chaotic way to announce that it was coming back after all — that’s all on brand. And we’re sure season five will be even more chaotic, surprising and addictive than the last. We’ll keep you updated with new information about this season as it comes out.

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