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Feeling Overwhelmed Or Disconnected as a Jewish Parent? This Online Class is Just For You

Parenting young children, while often a blessing, can sometimes be an isolating experience. Now and then, we all need to talk to another grown-up. Along with Project Zug, we created a four-part online course just for you as a way to connect Jewish parents to their roots–and each other.

The best part? It’s not a book to read at home alone, and it’s not about watching a boring lecture, either. This class is a way to meet and connect (digitally or in REAL life!) through exploring what it means to be a Jewish parent.

So, what’s the deal? It’s all about that group learning. Two people take the course together–you can either choose someone you know to be paired with (like a friend or your partner!) or get matched with someone who has similar interests to you. You’ll each read through the same texts and then discuss the ideas together. There are four sessions, which include a Jewish text, guiding discussion questions, and a short video. This means you actually get to know another Jewish mom raising kids–like a dating site, but not as awkward.

Here’s the part that makes it actually easy: It’s all pre-recorded, which means you can do it on your own time. Which could be at 2 a.m. after your infant has finally stopped crying forever. Sign up today–we promise it will be worth it.

The cost is a sliding scale: $36-180. You pay what works for you.

The fall cycle starts November 13, 2016. Registration is open at: www.projectzug.org.


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