'Fight Song' Singer Rachel Platten Joins the Jewish Mom Club! – Kveller
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‘Fight Song’ Singer Rachel Platten Joins the Jewish Mom Club!


Rachel Platten has officially joined the celebrity Jewish mama cohort. On Saturday, the “Fight Song” singer and her hubby Kevin Lazan (also Jewish!) welcomed their first child, and she’s just as beautiful as her parents.

On Wednesday, Platten, 37, graced us with the first photo of her “delicious and cuddly” daughter Violet Skye Lazan on Instagram.

“There is so much about this massive love that I want to share but don’t know how to,” Platten wrote. “For now we are busy falling deeply in love (and keeping our heads above water).”


Just a week earlier, the pop singer shared a slightly older photo on Instagram of a different newborn — herself! The post featured baby Platten fresh out of the oven in the delivery room with her smiling parents.

“Wishing the happiest sweetest birthday to my mama, who looked like an absolute queen after I arrived on this earth, and who patiently let me cook in her belly two weeks past my due date,” the new mom wrote. “Keeping that in mind today as my own baby girl keeps herself quite snuggly in there.”

Just over two weeks later, Violet was born.

The singer first announced her pregnancy in July, and just a few months later Platten dedicated her new song “You Belong” to her daughter. Is anyone else verklempt!?

Platten’s been outspoken about her Jewish identity on social media, occasionally dropping gems like this one:

Platten and Lazan, 38, got married in 2010 in Bristol, Rhode Island and had a beautiful, traditional Jewish ceremony. After nine years of marriage, the lovely couple are ecstatic to add a tiny addition to their budding family.

“Wow, I’m a mom,” Platten said.

Mazel tov!

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