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Five Rosh Hashanah Crafts That Won’t Make Your House a Giant Mess

Shiksa in the Kitchen’s coloring sheet necklace.

Are you the type of person who spends months pinning fun craft ideas for the holidays only to realize the holiday is tomorrow? Pinterest should have an alert button or something. Well here is your reminder: Rosh Hashanah begins next Wednesday night, so it’s time to stop pinning and start crafting!

I have found with my preschooler that crafts only keep his interest for about 30 minutes tops (sometimes five?) and extra bonus points if the craft involves getting messy. OY! I’ll admit while he has probably received three different sets of finger paints I have yet to embark on finger painting at my house (I’m also the Mama who has a little silent freak-out when my kid mixes Play-Doh colors).

Here are some fun Rosh Hashanah crafts for tiny fingers that actually only require one color and minimal mess.

1. Thumb print bees from

2.  Honey Bee Cards from

3. This one over at Shiksa in the Kitchen is very low stress and can be done without a lot of adult supervision (aka at the kitchen table while I make dinner). Rosh Hashanhah Coloring sheet necklace

4. For the more advanced crafters these shiny Styrofoam apples or yarn apples would look beautiful in a bowl as a holiday centerpiece and the napkin rings are fun all year round.

Yarn Apples from Makes and Takes

Styrofoam apples from

5. Napkin Rings from Shiksa in the Kitchen

Remember it only take a few common supplies and a half hour to do something special with your little ones this holiday!

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