Gal Gadot Is The Perfect Person to Play Hedy Lamarr in New Series – Kveller
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Gal Gadot Is The Perfect Person to Play Hedy Lamarr in New Series

This is what dreams are made of: Gal Gadot is rumored to star in — and executive produce — a new Showtime series about the life of Hedy Lamarr.

Lamarr, an Austrian Jewish actress who made her debut at age 17, was widely regarded as “the most beautiful woman in Hollywood.” But, she was so much more: She was an inventor who helped create WiFi. Yes, WiFi!

In 1942, Lamarr — along with composer George Antheil — created a secret communication system designed to protect radio-guided torpedos. As Paula Sinclair wrote in Kveller, “The two submitted their patent to the U.S. Navy, which officially opined that Lamarr could do more for the war effort by selling kisses to support war bonds. On one occasion, she raised $7 million. She and Antheil donated their patent to the U.S. Navy and never received any money from their invention, which would eventually become the basis for wireless phones, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), and Wi-Fi, among other cutting-edge technologies.”

Now, in an incredible turn of fate, probably the most famous Jewish person on the planet (and certainly the most famous Israeli on the planet!) is set to portray the actress/inventor in a limited series on Showtime. According to Variety, Gadot would star as Lamarr, as well as executive produce alongside her husband Jaron Varsano, Warren Littlefield (who helped bring The Handmaid’s Tale to life at Hulu), and Sarah Treem (the creator and showrunner of Showtime’s The Affair).

One Jewish wonder woman playing another Jewish wonder woman? SIGN US UP.

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