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Grown Man Is Destroyed By His Mom After Publicly Shaming a Woman for Breastfeeding

We have a new favorite mom on the internet. It’s Kevin’s mom. Why? Besides being feisty, she’s not afraid to still be his mom even though he’s a grown-ass man. Parenting never stops, no matter how old your kids are.

So, what exactly happened? A man decided to shame a mom for breastfeeding her son in public–and well, his mom got on his case about it.

Tanja Krstic Radusinovic, a photographer and stay-at-home mom of three from Las Vegas, was at a local hotel pool with her kids recently, just enjoying the summer. While there, she ended up nursing her 9-month-old son Vukašin. Things were going smoothly until a man identified only as Kevin decided to call her out on it. She opened up about what happened in a now-viral post shared by Breastfeeding Mama Talk:

“We’re at the pool and I’m nursing my son to sleep, under towels so he doesn’t get distracted. He is fighting it but almost out and this guy, maybe in his 40s comes to me and says ‘excuse me, are you breastfeeding your baby?’ I say ‘yes?’ And he looks at me all serious and mumbles ‘I don’t think you should be doing THAT here!’”

What happened next surprised her–and her shamer. While she was about to tell him off herself, she was stopped…by his mom:

“Omg. I was about to stand up and punch him in his testicles but his mother stands up right behind him — she is in her 70s, small skinny woman — and she was furious. She was like ‘WHAT DID YOU TELL TO THAT MOTHER, KEVIN?!’ And he was about to repeat it when she exploded — ‘what the f*ck, Kevin?! I had no idea I raised you like that, Kevin!! I am not talking to you until you apologize!! I breastfed you until you were 18 f*cking months, Kevin!’ ANd he says ‘But you never told me that, mom!’ Then she explodes again ‘WHAT’S THERE TO TALK ABOUT, it is F*CKING NORMAL, KEVIN!!!’

Then Kevin apologized. It’s been 15 minutes and she is still not talking to him. Now I feel bad for him.”

His mother, who appeared to be around 70, was so angry about what happened that even Radusinovic was afraid of her. Sadly, though, she wasn’t able to thank her in time before she left:

“She didn’t look like someone who would use f word like ever. She said more F words than I used in one year and I’ve got three kids!

I wanted to talk to her but she was gone. When she returned, she looked mad and I was scared to say anything!”

That’s not where it ended, though. Even Kevin’s wife, who wasn’t there at the time of the incident, came later and apologized to Radusinovic on behalf of her husband:

“His wife wasn’t there at the moment [the incident happened] but she showed up five minutes after and said, ‘I know what happened.’ She didn’t talk to him either.”

In the end, Radusinovic said she’s not mad at Kevin (it’s kind of hard to be after such an epic verbal beating), but she is glad that more and more people are standing up for breastfeeding moms:

“I’m glad things are changing, but I have had things like this happen too many times. You don’t approach a woman about nursing her child. If I was bottle-feeding he’d never say that.”

If we could give out mom awards, we’d definitely give “Best Scolder Ever” to Kevin’s mom.

After this whole incident, you know Kevin is all like:

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